RORO 40 Cubic Yard

RORO 40 Cubic Yard


The largest among all of the Roll-on Roll-off skips is the 40 yard skip. It is also the largest available skip in the UK. They are mostly hired by clients for industrial and commercial jobs that produce enormous amounts of rubbish.

  • 4 Days Hire
  • 14 Tonnes
  • Cubic Size (In Yards): 40 Cubic Yards – 40yards3
  • Length: Approx 20ft
  • Width: Approx 7ft 9in
  • Height: Approx 8ft 3in

Are you looking for a 40 Yard Skip in Manchester?

Manchester Skip Hire

As commercial skip hire specialists in UK our trustworthy and skilled team can tailor our services to suit your needs.

We strive to perfectly meet the requirements of your commercial project, ensuring a safe disposal of all your waste and following all suitable environmental policies.


2 Yard Skip 2ft 6in 5ft 4ft 15-20
4 Yard Skip 3ft 2in 6ft 4ft 3in 30-40
8 Yard Skip 4ft 12ft 5ft 6in 60-80
12 Yard Skip 6ft 14ft 6ft 5in 120-140
25 Yard Skip 4ft 8in 20ft 7ft 9in 275
40 Yard Skip 8ft 3in 20ft 7ft 9in 14 Tonnes